Our incorporated society has been established to gain greater recognition and acknowledgement of Sir Keith Park – an amazing Kiwi, born in Thames, Coromandel – who featured extraordinarily highly in two World Wars, and in peace time. Sir Keith Park Memorial Airfield Inc. is also the parent body for organising and running the annual Battle of Britain Commemorations in Thames.

The first step in achieving this vision has been the erection of a full-sized replica Hurricane Fighter in Sir Keith’s Battle of Britain battle colours at the Thames Airfield.

This memorial will be completed with the addition of a 2.3m bronze statue of Sir Keith in his flying uniform.

We will work in various media to spread the word about Sir Keith, his exploits and achievements, particularly with younger people and students for whom Sir Keith is an ideal role model.

Subsequent objectives of our organisation are to work with the Thames-Coromandel District Council in unlocking the full potential of the Thames Airfield. Projects involving the construction of hangars (both aircraft only hangars now and residential hangars in the near future) and the improvement of the aviation assets at the Airfield.


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